Monday, September 10, 2007

RE's office truly pissed me off today

So I call my RE's office today to schedule my cd 3 ultrasound to check for cysts so I can get a new RX for Clomid, and the ditzy ass receptionist "Star", answers, puts me on hold for FIVE FRIGGIN minutes, where I am forced to listen to the pre-recorded message playing over and over again, that says "INFERTILE" about 27 times....... (love it when a non-human rubs salt in an open wound!!). Star comes back on, giggles about how long I've been holding, AND THEN HAS THE BALLS TO PUT ME BACK ON HOLD AGAIN to pull up her scheduling page on the computer. She comes back like 3 mins later, and I finally get my ultasound scheduled for tomorrow. 10 minutes later, I'd wasted 1/3 of my morning break at work.

So then I call my insurance company to see if they will cover an "ultrasound to r/o cysts", to which the girl replies, "Yep, it is covered at 100% minus your $35 co-pay". Great news, however it pisses me off to no end that my RE made me pay out of pocket for last months U/S, at the low low cost of $138!!! I asked them to submit it, to see if my insurance would pay, and she refused to even try to submit it!!!!!!!! So if they think I'm paying $138 for it tomorrow they are sorely mistaken, and I'm going to have a piss fit, until they re-submit for last months, and reimburse me somehow for the $100 I was out for last month!!!!!!!!!

I'm no dummy, the RE wanted to push me to pay OOP for it, as they will get the full $138, where-as if the insurance company pays them, it would be for a contracted amount, more like $50 or $60!!!

Man, it just truly pisses me off!!!!

Just another perk of why it sucks dealing with IF!!!

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