Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cycle#17 Update.....

So I went to my RE on the 12th (CD4) for my U/S to r/o cysts, and luckily there were none!! So this month's plan is as follows:
1500 mg Metformin @ HS
Clomid 100 mg CD 4-8
Next U/S on Weds 9/19 to check my follies. Depending on that u/s they will tell me when to Trigger (which will be Ovidrel 250mg). I may need to go back for additional u/s on Thurs and/or Friday as well.

I honestly must say I am much more laid back and relaxed about this cycle, I guess because I don't have to stress myself out POAS (OPK's that is) trying to fiigure out if my 2nd line is dark enough or not etc. I feel we'll be much more on top of whats going on "inside" me.

I pray so hard that this will be the cycle (I do this each cycle as do we all).

I catch myself daydreaming that if I get PG this month, I'd have a June baby!! If I get PG this cycle, what a great 8 years together Aniversary my hubby and I would be able to celebrate!!!
I could tell my mom in some really cute neat way, and she would be so excited !!!!!!

It seems I've got it all worked out, except the actual getting PG, but I just know, deep down inside, that this is going to be our magic month!!! The Lord is on our side for this, I just know it!

I will continue to have faith and believe that our plan is going to work and we are going to get good news!!


Meghan said...

Glad you were cyst free

Good luck!

Barb said...

Hey! Welcome! Saw you on Stirrup Queens. i have pcos too. GL!

Ally said...

Best of luck to you this cycle! Infertility is such a roller coaster but I believe positive energy brings positive results and it sounds like you are in good shape for this cycle. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Hekateris said...

Welcome, and good luck!

Sara said...

Found you from thenestbaby

I'm going through ovulatory drug/trigger shot cycles (although Femara not Clomid) so know how stressful it can be. Best of luck. Lots of baby dust for you.